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Wraparound Self-adhesive Vinyl Vertical

Wire harness labels provide important traceability information certifying that the wire harness has been manufactured in accordance
with appropriate government or certification laboratory standards. It is critical that the label remain in place and clearly legible throughout
the life of the product.

Pressure-sensitive films and adhesives are the ideal solution for wire harness labels. Pressure-sensitive films are rigid and provide excellent printability,
allowing the label to endure product use and abrasion while remaining legible. Specially formulated pressure-sensitive adhesives are
designed to bond well to rubber wire harnesses, ensuring that the label remains in place throughout the life of the product.

To meet the demanding requirements for wire harness labeling, look to pressure-sensitive films and adhesives.

■ 3.5 mil frosty clear vinyl film for easy application
■ A Permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive bonds well to a variety of surfaces
■ UL recognized under UL 969 – UL File – No. PGGU2.MH10170

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