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XD4T Series Printer

The XD4T is an industrial thermal transfer printer with two 300 dpi print heads for double-sided printing of  marker sleeves in roll or continuous format.

Using the performation cutter,the markers can be perforated to desired lengths.
For double sided printing on materials that are wound on rolls or reels or fanfold – especially very small labels or slim continuous materials such as continuous flattened heatshrink markers or ladder format.

The professional double sided  XD4T series mid centrered printers are the further development of the successful A+ printer series. They fit with a wide range of industrial applications. They have been developed with focus on easy and convenient operation and high reliability.

The print mechanics and the chassis are made of high-quality materials and perfectly match in terms of shape and function. A large number of peripherals and software enable customer-specific solutions.
Whether they are operated in stand-alone mode, in a PC application or within a network – the rugged XD4T printers are always up to the mark. The high-speed processor ensures fast print job processing and immediately provides the required label.

XD4T printable resolution 300 dpi speeds up to 125 mm/s.
Operational habits are highly relevant!. The user interface is smartphone-like with direct access to individual menu items.

■ Double-sided printing with optimum marking
■ Easy operation
■ USB and Ethernet connections
■ Reliable and fast printing
■ Compact, appealing design
■ Drive rollers for narrow material

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