Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Thermal transfer ribbons are available in various colours and widths for different applications. Please note that products do not use the same media ribbons. Find the correct thermal transfer ribbon in our thermal transfer ribbon guide in the download section.

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Product Code Material Color Size Across Unit Height
FTI-M-055X300-WE Wax/Resin 55X300 1
FTI-M-055X300-BK Wax/Resin 55X300 1
FTI-M-110X360-BK Wax/Resin 110X360 1
FTI-Y-025x360-BK Resin 25x360 1
FTI-Y-055X360-BK Resin 55X360 1
FTI-Y-060X360-BK Resin 60X360 1
FTI-Y-110X360-BK Resin 110X360 1
FTI-Y-055X360-WE Resin 55X360 1
FTI-Y-110X360-WE Resin 110X360 1
FTI-X-030X300-WE Resin 30X300 1
FTI-X-055X300-WE Resin 55X300 1
FTI-X-110X300-WE Resin 110X300 1
FTI-X-060X300-BK Resin 60X300 1
FTI-X-100X300-BK Resin 100X300 1